about me and my works

I create images by painting, photographing and moviemaking.  Images which I find fascinating to look at, and wish to inspire more viewers with. I’m focused on composition thru shapes, tonal values and colours.  Stories might evolve from multiple works, or an individual image stays a single work.

I draw inspiration from my everyday environment.  I observe and turn this into something interesting on my canvas.  Or I simply start with no plan at all, just some paint, a brush, and an empty canvas.  Always an image appears on my canvas that challenges me to make it interesting.

I haven’t yet concluded on my own style and I wonder if I ever will.  I like to try out new styles, although some of my works converge.  I’m inspired by many of the impressionists, as well as contemporary artists from whom I love to find new inspiring images.

I grew up in the Netherlands where I painted, photographed and studied technology.  After 30 years working and living around the world, my wife and I now call the Swiss Alps and the Mediterranean island of Crete our homes.  Much of my inspiration starts from these places.

I’m fascinated how people respond when they interact with works of art.  I’ve been capturing this with my photography in a diversity of environments.  From a casual visit to an exhibition or museum, all the way to hyper commercial overcrowded global art fairs.  I’m building this body of work under the title ‘Look!Art’ and you can find a selection here.

I love to create images with traditional painting materials and techniques, as well as with the latest technologies.  I love blending these and using the opportunity of a connected digital world to share, interact and learn from any form of image creation.

I’m always interested in ventures that explore image creation in this context, just reach out via email danny@touw.com or any of the connections below.