les dents du midi

a multi-summited mountain in Valais, Switzerland  |  digitally painted

Les Dents du Midi translates to “Teeth of Midday”.  A multi-summited mountain in the Chablais Alps composed of seven distinct summits which reaches a height of 3’257 metres.  It’s the highest mountain between Lac Leman (lake Geneva) and the Mont Blanc Massif, and dominates the Rhône Valley from Martigny to the lake.  The name Dents du Midi is of relatively recent origin, referring to the time of day at which the sun reaches a certain point.  The native inhabitants originally called them the “Dents de Tsallen” (“teeth of Tsallen“).  The present Haute Cime was then called Dent du Midi, and it eventually gave its name to the entire mountain.  Information from Wikipedia

Champéry is a wonderful village at the end of the road up into the Dents du Midi valley from Val-d’Illiez.  Champéry was first mentioned in 1286, it’s now our home and every day I’m inspired by the magnificent image of the Dents du Midi.  On this page I’m presenting my digitally painted impressions, and via this link you can see my mixed media paintings.

If you’re interested in more beautiful paintings, poetry and historical information about the Dents du Midi please have a look at this website  Les Dents Du Midi