I was born in the Netherlands where I grew up in the midst of wide flat Dutch land- and seascapes with big blue and grey skies.  For the last 30 years I’ve been traveling the world living and working in a variety of countries and continents, taking in new inspirations.  I now live in Champéry Switzerland where I get inspired by spectacular mountain views with its ever changing light and colours.  During the summer I live on the Island of Crete where I get inspired by all the wonderful elements of the Mediterranean.

I paint to create colourful impressions of the places I live in and visit, always looking for inspiring compositions.  I love to experiment with colours which are essential to my compositions.  I mainly work with acrylics and gouache on linen or paper. 

I photograph and film to instantly create inspiring images as when I paint and with the same focus on composition and colour.

I’m fascinated how people respond when they interact with works of art, and am capturing this with my photography in a variety of settings from a casual stroll thru an exposition, all the way to hyper commercial overcrowded global art fairs.  I’m building this body of work under the title ‘Look!Art’.

I’m always interested in ventures that explore image creation, just reach out thru any of the following connections.